If Mofi Networks has provided instructions on setting up the Mofi Cloud Link feature, use those.  If not, here are some instructions for configuring it. Please refer to the following image of the configuration screen.




1. Using a non-Chrome browser (e.g. IE, Firefox, Safari), go to (password is admin)

2. Click on MOFI Business, Mofi Cloud Link

3. Click on the checkbox next to Enable Cloudlink to select it

4. In the Location dropdown list, select the MofiNetwork server assigned to you

5. Enter the username given to you in the Username field

6. Enter the password given to you in the Password field

7. In the Cloudlink Mode box, select Split Mode

Now add the devices that will be using the MOFI Cloud Link.  Typically, only devices that require a static IP address need to use this service, so things like security camera DVRs, IP cameras, and game consoles.

1. Click on the Add button

2. In the Label field, enter a label for the device.  This can be any descriptive name.

3. Select from the MAC-Address dropdown list the MAC address of this device (usually can find it by its IP address)

4. Select from the IPv4-Address dropdown list the IP address of this device (should match the one shown in the MAC-Address dropdown list)

Finally, click Save.  If the MOFI doesn't reboot in a minute on its own, go to System, Reboot and click Perform reboot to reboot the MOFI.