Here are some recommendations for the cellular booster and for the exterior antenna.  Note the booster is more expensive and members have had varying degrees of success with them.  Either approach requires some signal from the tower (the more the better) to work with.

Signal Booster

We recommend getting this pole to mount either model's exterior antenna (unless you have another pole you'll be mounting it to): Wilson 901117 Pole Mount for Antenna

The WeBoost booster will boost the cellular signal for any cellular device in your home/building, including the Unlimitedville hotspot/router.  

Exterior Antenna

Some devices support an exterior antenna connected to your hotspot provides a signal improvement for only the hotspot. Check your device's instruction guides at to see if there is a supported solution for an exterior antenna for your device.

NOTE: You do not need this exterior antenna if you are getting one of the WeBoost products above - they come with everything needed